Sticks and Stones

In February 2014, Tom said he had a song idea. He recorded the music and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I had just been watching a sermon series from Elevation Church called Sticks & Stones that was so inspiring and the song simply flowed. Tom and I first recorded it at home in 2014 but with more of a fight song feel. When I wrote the lyrics, I had been thinking about how tempting it would’ve been to admit defeat after being diagnosed with Stage IV Non Hodgkins Lymphoma while my daughter was in treatment for anorexia while we were living in a hotel waiting for our house to be finished but, instead of giving up, I fought hard. However, the Sticks & Stones sermon series reminded me that I should never fight God’s battles on the enemy’s terms. What I went through was hard, but God prepared me for that moment. Those trials allowed me to dig deeper into the lies that were tempting me to forget that God has ALREADY won. So, when Clément came over and said he interpreted it more like a pop song, I almost jumped out of my chair. Yes! Sticks & Stones is a FREEDOM song, not a FIGHT song! 

- Linda