I wrote Whose in June 2015. I was singing the first line in my head and I was hooked. So I got out my Songwriter app (a gift from Tom) and it just poured out. When Tom and I were getting ready to record in October 2015, I kept telling him that Whose was the one song I had to record. He called me down to his office at 11pm one night and told me that we had to get the song down.  It was late and I was crabby. After a few useless minutes, I just asked to record the lyrics to a click track.  He gave me a note to start and off I went. That was the recording we gave to Clément. All we knew was that we wanted Inspiration Worship to sound modern but not gimmicky. And, one week before going into the studio, Clément came over to do some preproduction. The minute he started playing Whose, Tom and I just looked at each other in awe. God had installed the sound we’d been searching for inside this amazingly talented guy from France. Only God!!!! Clément felt the song needed a second verse for the flow to make sense and I woke up throughout the night with lyrics running through my head. By morning, I couldn’t imagine the song without “Whose satisfaction do we desire? Whose glory takes us higher?”  Lyrically, this song just excites me!!  If I had to pick a favorite line/phrase, it would have to be “Any other than the King above all kings, is just an altar made to praise dead things.” But, it’s kind of like picking a favorite child—impossible!!!! However, seeing how my daughter Kiana illustrated that part of the song in the lyric video just makes it come alive. I pray that this song challenges each of us, every day, to make sure our motives are right and that we are worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s too easy to get caught up in idol worship—money, fame, work, popularity, pride, self-pity and so on. So, whose heart do you burn for?

- Linda